Akköy, which got this name from the whiteness of their houses, was a Greek village in the past like Didim.

Similarly to Didim, immigrants were resettled to Akköy. With the support of the Germans who came to Miletus for archaeological excavations in the 1870s, the Greeks first built a school and then a church called Ayiyos Georgiya. No remarkable existence has survived from the church and primary school built by the Greeks. In Akköy, there is a spring water that is especially good for rheumatic diseases. The economy of Akköy, where the Directorate of the Nahiye was located in the early years of the Republic, where the students from the surrounding villages once came, and the gendarmerie station, are based on agriculture. With strawberries and tobacco fields, the wineries, the old Greek houses with featured with the Temple of Apollo, and Miletus Akkoy stationed in the middle, has the largest library in the village of present-day Turkey. There is also a periodic culture-art-literature magazine, which is centered in this library and prepared under the name of the village and originating from our country.

Akköy, which is a natural Aegean village with well-preserved houses, is also open to tourism. One of the most important features in Akköy is that there are areas to observe migratory birds. It is one of the most striking natural events that Akköy periodically experienced near Didim, when the kestrel herds passing over the Aegean use the Akköy trees and roofs as a nest every year in late March and early April. Adopting the principle of creating environments suitable for the accommodation of kestrel feeding on grasshoppers, scorpions, snakes and sacs, Akköy residents like to host these predatory but useful birds from Africa. Amateur and professional ornithologists, ie those working in the science branch, which is one of the lower branches of zoology that examines birds, know very well all the land from Lake Bafa to Head, where the Menderes River flows into the Aegean Sea. They constantly scan the air with cameras that detect cameras and long zooms, bags and binoculars on their backs.

Akköy is one of the symbols of the Aegean with its natural beauties and its texture that manages to stay natural even though the highway that transports people to Didim passes through it. Halit Dülgeroğlu is the headman of Akköy with a population of 1,122.