Karina (Tongue Lake)

Dil Lake is a lake with a total area of ​​24 square kilometers in the south of Dilek Mountain, within the borders of Dilek Peninsula National Park. The old name of Dil Lake, which is a lagoon-class lake formed as a result of splitting the sea with the cord formed during the struggle of the Büyük Menderes river to reach the sea, is Karina. Language Lake Situated in the Büyük Menderes Delta, located in the important bird areas in Turkey, is known as a bird lake. It is possible to come across crested pelicans, flamingos, dwarf cormorants and many more bird species in this lake.
In order to reach Dil Lake, when you follow the İzmir - Selçuk - Milas highway, it is 5 km from Söke exit. then the Güllübahçe road leaves from the right. 7 km after returning from this distinction. then to Güllübahçe, 7 km from here. and then come to Atburgazı. 5 km from Atburgazı. then the shore of Dil Lake is reached. In order to go to Karina pier, it is necessary to return to Tuzburgazı road, which leaves from the right and continue in the direction of Doğanbey Village immediately ahead. 4 km from Tuzburgazı to Doğanbey. Doğanbey is an old Greek village with stone houses. After the change in 1924, Turks were placed here.